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Advanced Mining

Our clients pay for mining power and not only do we deliver it we also make sure it is optimal and always producing the maximum possible

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GM community

Our community of users will be able to buy more capacity at a stable price in priority to members who haven’t joined yet.

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Optimizing profit

We not only make sure everything is running smoothly, we also regularly optimize costs of maintenance and therefore profit.

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Straightforward tools

Monitor 24/7 the power you have available and the coins you are producing.

Cooming soon

Advanced and simple mining Alt coins
(Ethereum, Zcash, Bcash, etc...)

GoodMiners offer

Our members choose to buy available capacity (up to 450 * 222) USD) or our larger clients can preorder for almost unlimited capacity

Mining Easy
Best offer
$450,00 / TH
40% maintenance
with a limit of buying to 99.900 USD
Select amount to purchase
$ 450 = 1 TH
Mining VIP
Best offer
$450,00 / TH
30% maintenance and buying is minimum 100K USD up to 1 million
Select amount to purchase
100000 = 400 TH

Let us know which opportunity suits you best.

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If you are interested in becoming a important member of GoodMiners, feel free to contact us

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