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Meet Goodminers

Goodminers founders are veteran telecom specialist coming from the retail and B2B telecom business world.

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Goodminers have merged their technical and marketing knowledge to develop a new industrial platform allowing anyone to enter the world of cryptocurrency mining. Goodminers expertise is making something complicated simple. We are focused on innovation, quality and modernization.

We are considered experts in mining cryptocurrency it the most optimal way (deployment, cooling and miner management). We believe that if people want to invest in cryptocurrencies they might as well do it in mining as they will get more coins for their dollars.

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Our hardware is always at the edge of technology. It is the easiest way of mining, you choose the capacity and we do the rest.

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Special offers for investors ,no need to build your own mining farm, let us build and run your crypto mining.

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Goodminers Innovations

We are more than happy to to see our first members grow with us in this new environment.

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Goodminers are one of the only mining companies in the world to do 100% liquid cooling. We have offices in USA, Israel, Turkey, Germany and France.

If you are interested in becoming a important member of Goodminers, feel free to reply to this mail by specifying how much more capacity you would like.

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Goodminers mining capacity icon Infrastructure 15 PH

Cooming soon

Advanced and vip mining Alt coins
(Ethereum, Zcash, Bcash, etc...)

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If you are interested in becoming a important member of Goodminers, feel free to contact us

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